Automotive Service or Repair Booking/ Management App Templates – FixMyAuto

Automotive Service or Repair  Booking/ Management App Templates - FixMyAuto

Free Download Automotive Service or Repair Booking/ Management App Templates – FixMyAuto (Nulled) [Latest Version]


FixMyAuto is an  on demand Ionic Template  marketplace dedicated towards Automobile Services. The app provides users the details about the nearest available mechanic shops with their contact, location details and reviews. Fixmyauto is designed to help automobile service providers to publish their portfolio online and offer servicing details to customers. The template is specially designed to create website for mechanic auto shop, car repair, auto mechanic, car service, auto repair shop, mechanic workshop, auto service, automotive, batteries, tire or wheel shop.

Try it before you buy.

You can see a video preview of User app here​ .

You can see a video preview of Garage app here​ .

Check how the components look and feel in your device instantly without installing APK .

1.   Download​ Ionic View app​.

2.   Open the app on your phone.

3.   Enter the following APP_ID:


Fixmyauto Ionic App ID : 44ea669f

Fixmyauto Garage Ionic App ID : 1f122dcc


Fixmyauto consist of mainly two app. They are

  • User App
  • Garage App


In User app, user can search services under different categories. They can send request to mechanics or garage shops by giving their  requirements. User can view the profiles and reviews of each shops or mechanics from the list and hire the one that you like.




In Garage app , you can register their business through this app. They receive  request from users and thus getting new customers and growing their business easier than before. They can review the customers  requirement  and accordingly respond to them.





For developers


With this template, you can build a rich app with Ionic in a very straightforward way. Your knowledge about using Sassy CSS, HTML, and Typescript will help serve as the building blocks of your app. Ionic 3.19 also has lots of tutorials you can use. That can make this app to customize up to any level.

For designers

This template would help you in building complex and sophisticated app, with enough html, Typescript and Ionic skills, you could build an extraordinary app that could revolutionize the era of music players, and it can be customized up to any level according to your requirements.

Who can use FIXMYAUTO ?

  • Garage Owners

  • Auto Repair Shops

  • Vehicle Workshop Owners

  • Automotive Workshops

  • Auto Service Providers

  • Mechanics

  • Automobile Washing Centres

  • Vehicle Tyre Workshops






This project is built using ​Ionic Framework ​ Version 3.19.Ionic offers a free and open source, with components of Sassy CSS, Typescripts, (Includes Angular 4 Scripting) mobile optimized HTML, as well as gestures and tools needed to build high end apps with amazing user friendliness. This gives you a mix of power and beauty. Using Ionic to develop hybrid apps gives you the advantage of accessing the native API’s of devices, that’s the difference between mobile web and hybrid apps.


Project Structure


Ionic apps are built with Cordova. Cordova is a means of packaging html/scss/ts into apps that can run on mobile and desktop devices and provides a plugin architecture for accessing native functionality beyond the reach of JS run from a web browser. As such, Ionic apps have the Cordova file structure​.




On this file you will find all the variables you can play with. They provide an easy way to customize the styles. Sass variables are an easy way to maintain your css; you just need to change one variable in your scss file instead of changing one value in several places within your css files .


Android Versions


Older versions of Android devices (4.0­4.3) use Android’s default browser, which has significantly less performance and standards compliance than modern Chrome. So it will have less supportability for Android version below Lollipop. The solution is using Crosswalk which gives you a specific and more performant version of Chrome to use on all Android devices, in order to reduce fluctuations and fragmentation among devices.

Crosswalk is an open source project that allows you to specify a version of Chrome to use as your web browser in Android.

The compiled app will have your code hosted inside of this Chrome web view.


Please read more here ​­comes­to­ionic/




What program do you use to edit the code?

Our preferred editors are:

1.   Atom ​

2.   Sublime ​


We offer customization of FIXMYAUTO as per your requirement with an estimated price. If you wish to do so please contact us at  [email protected], our sales rep will always there to help you. We assure 100% quality, on time delivery within budget.



  1. Raise a ticket to [email protected] with your purchase code
  2. Our agent will reply back to your ticket in 24 hours
  3. For status updates please chat with our agent with your ticket number by visiting our website  at Indian time 9 am to 6 pm


  1. Mail to [email protected] with your enquiry details
  2. Our agent will reply back you in 24 hours or
  3. For live chat support, visit our website and chat to our agent. Ticket id is mandatory to chat with our agent.


  1. WhatsApp to  +919526038555 with your requirement


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